Laurie's Picture's Laurie's Picture's Loretta Always Been One Of My Favorite Pictures Of Her 164624640 Loretta Comes To Michigan I Was So Excited To See Her In Concert 164624641 Loretta & Conway When I Bought The Tickets I Didn't Know Why They Cost So Much Per Ticket. When I Got There I Found Out...Conway Was There And It Was A Dynamite Show 164624642 Ernest Ray Lynn And His Mama Loretta Always Loves Her Kids... 164624643 Loretta Lynn At The Fair I Was Right By The Stage Taking Pictures And She Looked At Me And Moved The Microphone And Smiled That Beautiful Smile... 164624644 Loretta Lynn And Tayla In Their Hotel Room 164624645 Loretta Lynn Wallpaper 164624646 Loretta Lynn Wallpaper 164624647